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Altea Historica Visitas Rutas en Altea

Historical Altea

Altea Histórica

Get to know the most important historical facts and visit the most beautiful viewpoints of Altea. A walk through time from antiquity to the present, where we will see a clear evolution and discover the various settlements that were established in the different eras of history.

Departing from the suburb of the sea, traditional neighborhood of the fishermen, we will make a tour of various points of the municipality that have stood out for their importance in history, to end in the Plaza de la Iglesia, where we will understand why Altea is known as the Dome from the Mediterranean.

Let yourself be carried away by the cobbled and steep alleys, with their whitewashed houses, a singular tour where we will see the urban evolution of this city since the foundation of its old town in 1617 through a story that combines history, tradition, architecture, religion and legends.

Good to Know

It is recommended to bring water, sunscreen, hat, footwear and clothing. Punctuality is requested.
Enrich your guided tour by ending our routes with a different experience. Check with the guide the different possibilities. Book in advance.